ChillBet bonuses for new and active players 

In the online space, ChillBet is a young gaming site that is in the early stages of promotion. To attract a new audience, virtual clubs often launch lucrative bonus offers.

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  1. 🎁 Current ChillBet Bonuses 
  2. 🎀 How can I get a bonus as a new ChillBet player? 
  3. ⚡ How to use the Welcome Bonus 
  4. 💰 Possibility of withdrawal of bonus funds 
  5. 💵 How to pay the bonus 
  6. 📝 ChillBet Referral System 
  7. 💡 How can I find out about new promotions in ChillBet?

The institution in question is no exception. On the official Chill newcomers and regular visitors can get an incentive to participate in the promotion.  


Current ChillBet Bonuses 

The list of bonus rewards available in Chill Bet is currently limited. Rewards from the operator can take the form of internal currency or free spins. You can use the donated funds in the virtual club for sports betting or gambling. With bonuses, you can play in real mode and withdraw the winnings earned. The most important thing is to follow the rules for activating and applying the prize on the gambling platform. 

Current promotions can be found in the «Promo» section. After logging in, you can track your bonuses in your account in the «My bonuses» section. 


By voucher 

Most of the bonuses on the official ChillBet website are awarded using a voucher. In the promo section, there is a special coupon that allows you to play the wheel of fortune and pick up a cash gift worth from 1350 to 6700 inr. 

The bonus amount is played randomly, the wheel is powered by a random number generator. The lucky player will be lucky to get the maximum prize. 

New users can get a coupon for their first deposit. Existing customers will receive a gift when playing in a virtual club. The more activity on the gaming site, the more incentives. 


By promo code 

Some of Chill’s bonus offers can be activated using a promo code — a unique combination of numbers and alphanumeric characters. A special code can be entered in the appropriate field on the «Promo» tab. The promo code will increase the bonus on existing promotions or give you access to a new promotion. In some cases, promo codes give free credits or free spins without the need for a deposit. 

Current bonus codes can be found in thematic resources, partner portals, social networks of the institution, and user discussions. The easiest option is to enter the query «ChillBet promo code for today» into the search engine. The browser will offer several suitable sources. 


How can I get a bonus as a new ChillBet player? 

To qualify for the welcome bonus as a beginner, you must first register. Create an account by entering your contact details — the username and password will be generated automatically. You can also create an account on popular social networks. 

After registration, you must make the first deposit, the amount of which is at least 134 inr. If you want to send funds to your account, click on the «Top up» button in the upper panel. Payment methods are limited to cryptocurrency, you can transfer money in eight different tokens. 

When transferring cryptocurrencies, transactions are confirmed from your electronic wallet. The ChillBet QR code will take you to the page for creating a payment request. 

The funds will be credited to your balance immediately, after which you can switch to the promo package, get a voucher and start spinning. The bonus will automatically appear on your account. 

An additional fee of Rs 5 is charged for subscribing to the Telegram channel. You don’t have to search for it yourself. You need to go to the «Promo» block and click on the «Get money» button. Then you just have to follow the detailed instructions — order and pass the bot check. 


How to use the Welcome Bonus 

ChillBet’s official website combines an online casino and a betting shop. In most cases, bonus credits and free spins can only be used on slot machines. More than 300 slots from reputable providers are available in the virtual club. To start playing with bonuses, all you have to do is: 

  1. Select the appropriate game on the «Games» tab in the upper panel. 
  2. To start the draw, tap on the home screen. 
  3. Switch to the «Real Pay» mode in the slot machine window. 
  4. Make the necessary bet. 
  5. Confirm the start of the round. 

You can track your balance and manage the game through the control panel at the bottom. The funds won with the help of bonuses can be withdrawn from your account. 

The site has separate bonuses for sports betting. To place a bet with bonus credits, open the Sports section, click on the odds for the expected events and form a coupon on the right. 


Possibility of withdrawal of bonus funds 

The bonuses of the ChillBet gambling platform allow you to win and withdraw well-deserved prizes. However, you will be able to get your winnings only after a successful bet. To win back bonus credits, certain conditions must be met: 

 Bonus claim  Specifications 
🔗 Wager The multiplier by which the amount of the initial prize increases.  
⚡ Rate by  The minimum amount assigned for each round of the slot machine.  
💣 Games List of electronic slots available for betting 
⏱ Time Time limits on the use and withdrawal of bonus credits  
💶 Payment by The maximum reward that can be taken from the game using the bonus. 

The bonus is considered wagered if the required minimum win is reached within the established limits. If you receive a bonus of 134 inr with a 30-fold payout limit, then to withdraw funds after the game, the balance must be at least 4030 inr. 


How to pay the bonus 

After successfully wagering the bonus, you can withdraw the winnings to your account. To create a withdrawal request, click on «Deposit» and select «Withdraw». All you have to do is fill out the form and confirm the transaction from your e-wallet. 

It is important to note that ChillBet allows payments only after successful verification. In your account, you will need to link an email address and a phone number and confirm your identity. 


ChillBet Referral System 

Getting bonuses on the official ChillBet website is available not only for your actions but also for other users’ games. The institution has an expanded program of directions. For each bet of a player invited through a personal link, an income of 0.5% is accumulated. Payouts can increase as you move through the system. The more participants you invite, the higher the level and the more attractive the conditions. 

In addition, you can get a reward from the operator if you get into the top 10 in the referral system. Every three days, the winners can withdraw up to 1350 inr. 


How can I find out about new promotions in ChillBet?

The list of current bonus offers, especially current promo codes, is regularly updated. The official website of the institution will publish information only about regular promotions. If you want to keep up to date with the latest ChillBet updates, you should subscribe to the institution’s social networks. 

The ChillBet Virtual Club actively supports public communities in Vkontakte, Telegram, and Discord. By subscribing to social networks and messengers, you can instantly receive information about bonuses through notifications. 

ChillBet management is loyal to its members and provides users with favorable conditions and offers. Bonuses are easy to activate on the international gaming platform — just use a promo code or coupon. Later, the reward can be withdrawn if you manage to win back your bet. 


Why can’t I activate my bonus in ChillBet?
Check whether you are eligible to participate in the promotion and whether the offer period is still valid. If you activated a gift under the rules, but it was not credited, contact the player support service.
How do I contact the internal support service?
Live chat helps to communicate with ChillBet users. If you want to talk to a consultant, click on the «Help» button in the lower right corner. You can also ask questions via the user chat, which is displayed in the dialog icon at the top of the control panel.
What bonuses are available in ChillBet today?
The Wheel of Fortune with prizes from 1 to 5,000 inr is available to users regularly. You can get a voucher for free spins on your first deposit and other bets.
Are there any deposit bonuses in ChillBet?
Registered ChillBet customers can receive bonuses without real investments by subscribing to their Telegram channel. Joining a group in the messenger helps to activate a free bet of 5 inr.
On which slot machine is it best to win back the bonus?
In every electronic slot game, users have an equal chance to place a bet. All automata work on the principle of randomization. If the number of machines is not limited, it is recommended to choose options with higher profitability. The higher the RTP, the higher the chances of winning.
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