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The modern gambling site ChillBet welcomes visitors from all over the world. Anyone can register and start making real bets at this institution.

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Newcomers can use the welcome bonus promo code to get additional benefits when meeting. 

Chill Bet combines a virtual casino and a betting service. The company started working online only in 2020 and was known as FocusBet and 4Cus until 2022. Only in September, there was a rebranding — the gambling platform was renamed ChillBet. Today, the institution is still at the stage of formation and development, so the club offers profitable rewards to newcomers. 

Welcome bonuses are the most effective way to attract players to register and play. Special promo codes, on the other hand, allow you to get more prizes and a welcome package from ChillBet without additional requirements. 


ChillBet bonus promo code 

A promo code is a unique combination of alphanumeric and numeric characters. A special code allows you to activate bonuses of various formats: 

Type of bonus  Specifications 
🎁 Welcome  the reward for beginners for registering and making the first deposit.  
💶 Deposit Remuneration for subsequent replenishment of the account for a certain amount or on a certain day.  
⭕ Without deposit i as a gift from the operator for actions on the platform that do not require the payment of real money.  
🎀 Cashback increased percentage of weekly payments for monetary losses 

A promo code can both unlock new bonus offers and add rewards to existing promotions. Bonuses can be provided in the form of free credits or spins. The gift from the operator can be used for real bets. Successful participants can also withdraw bonus money from the system after a successful bet. 

Before activating and using the bonus code, you must carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Rewards can be significantly limited. 

New and existing ChillBet customers can use the promo code today, activation conditions and application rules are different. Only registered users receive a bonus for registration and first deposits, and regular visitors — for certain actions on the resource. 


Find current promo codes for ChillBet 

Most promo codes from virtual casinos and betting sites are valid for a limited time. The current coupons for the gambling platform are constantly updated. Finding valid codes is useful: 

In rare cases, the promo code has an unlimited validity period, for example, in the case of a welcome bonus. To find out the latest updates, find a reliable source of information and keep it updated. 


Thematic resources 

The easiest way to find a ChillBet promo code is to enter the corresponding query into the search engine. The browser will offer several suitable sources. On such portals, you can often also view reviews, study ratings, and reviews of visitors. It remains only to reproduce the combination and enter it on the official website of the institution. 

Bonus coupons from ChillBet are actively placed on partner resources. The services that the company cooperates with can receive unique combinations for rewards. Working promo codes can also be provided to existing casino and bookmaker referrals in the online space. 


Social network 

The ChillBet management also independently publishes up-to-date bonus codes on social networks. Public communities and channels on the gaming platform can be found in Vkontakte, Telegram, and Discord. The latest news of the institution, information about bets, and promotions are updated daily in the groups. 

You should immediately register on social networks and messengers. New promo codes are immediately available thanks to notifications. 

ChillBet’s contact details can be found on the official website. Just scroll to the bottom of the main page, find the social network or messenger icon you need, and click on it. 



You can also receive notifications about promo codes by email. First, you need to connect your email to your ChillBet account, and then subscribe to an individual newsletter in your locker or through the support service. 

You can receive a personal coupon from the developers by email. For sports betting or gambling entertainment, the provider can reward you with an additional incentive. 


How to use the bonus code 

To activate the bonus code, you need to register on the ChillBet website. You can create a new account in the virtual club by manually entering your email address and phone number. In addition, you can log in using your profile in the social services Vkontakte, Steam, or Google. As soon as you log in: 

  1. Open the left control panel. 
  2. Go to the «Promo» section via the menu. 
  3. On the page that opens, find the «Promo Code» field. 
  4. Enter the actual combination of characters in the empty field. 
  5. Click on the checkbox to confirm activation. 

As soon as the coupon is used, the bonuses will immediately appear in your account. As soon as your balance becomes positive, you will be able to switch to real bets on the bookmaker or gambling side of the official ChillBet website. 


Use of bonus funds 

The bonus money offered by ChillBet can be used for betting on sports events or gambling. The rules for applying the bonus for the promo code are set out in the terms of the promotion. The main requirements should be clarified directly from the source of information. 


Sports betting 

To use bonus coins in the betting area on the site, you need to open the «Sports» section through the upper control panel. Currently, the list of available events is limited: the bookmaker tracks major and minor tournaments in 15 sports. 

To place a bet, just find the corresponding event and click on the corresponding coefficient. Only single and multiple bets are allowed in the current campaign. You can select the type of bet you want to place at the top of the betting control panel. 



When accruing free credits or free spins at the casino, you must select the «Play» section. The ChillBet website offers gambling entertainment from nine reputable providers. It is possible to play for real money: 

In most cases, the promo code bonus can only be used on slots. To use the device, just find the right place and click on the home screen. 


Using the bonus code 

Winnings from bonuses can be withdrawn, but only after successful wagering. The payout rules are defined in each ChillBet promo code. Strict restrictions may apply to the bonus offer: 

Bonus wagering Terms and Conditions 
WagerMinimum win according to the set multiplier 
BetThe minimum bet charged per spin 
GamesList of available slot machines for bonus wagering 
Timelinethe period during which the gift from the operator must be disposed of. 
Winsthe maximum number of payouts to a real account from bonus funds, beating off the wagering of payouts.

The main wagering requirement is a bet. Funds can be withdrawn only after reaching the minimum amount of bonus winnings. The initial prize amount of the corresponding draw must be increased by the appropriate multiplier in the specified circumstances. 


Increase your bonus funds 

Bonuses won with a promo code can then be withdrawn to a personal account on the gaming site. The ChillBet Virtual Club supports cryptocurrency transfers. To create a withdrawal request, you need to log in to your account, find the «Withdrawal of funds» section and fill out a simple form to declare your winnings: 

After confirmation, the application is sent to the administration for processing. There may be delays with the first payment, as personal data must be verified. In the future, the withdrawal of funds will be carried out as quickly as possible. 


Other ChillBet Bonus Offers 

It is not possible to activate the reward on the official ChillBet website using only a coupon. If you are active on the gambling platform, you can get coupons for spinning the wheel of fortune with gifts. Up to 4200 inr can be obtained from a lottery for sports betting or gambling. The amount of the reward depends on the luck of the player. 

The gaming platform follows the principles of a random number generator. Slot machines also work without clear algorithms. 

New players will receive a voucher after the first deposit. Active customers, on the other hand, get credit when they play at an institution with the right rates. The Wheel of Fortune can also be found in the «Promo» section via the control panel on the left. Additional rewards can be obtained by subscribing to the Telegram channel of the virtual club. 

ChillBet, an online casino, and bookmaker, sets strict limits on bonus offers. However, it is possible to play with bonuses on loyal terms if you initially use a promo code. Information and promotions are actively distributed on the Internet. Both new and existing customers can find useful coupons. 



Where can I find valid promo codes for ChillBet?
Existing coupons should be searched in the social networks of the virtual club. In the official ChillBet public communities, information about current promotions appears first.
How to win back a deposit bonus using a coupon code?
If there is a promo code for the deposit bonus, then first you need to apply the appropriate combination in the «Promo» tab. The next step is to deposit the required amount.
Which ChillBet games are better for getting bonuses?
If there are no restrictions on slots in the bonus offer, you should choose machines with a high theoretical payout. The higher the RTP value, the higher the probability of returning the prize and increasing your deposit.
Is it possible to get bonuses with a personal promo code?
If you want to receive rewards for inviting new members, you need to join the referral program. After registration, you can connect to the partner system — the desired tab is attached to the panel on the right.
Is it possible to repay my bonus credits in ChillBet?
Every visitor has equal opportunities to make a bet. In slot games, users can be sure that they will not interfere with their playing since all combinations are generated spontaneously. Sports betting, on the other hand, will please with favorable odds.
Why can’t I activate a promo code in ChillBet?
First, make sure that the bonus code has not expired. If you used the coupon code following the rules, but the gift was not credited, contact customer support.
How do I contact customer support?
You can contact the operator via the chat on the website. Go to the ChillBet gambling platform and find the «Help» button at the bottom. Enter your question in the message field.
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