Diver is a new crash game with a jackpot

In the thrilling crash game Diver, players take on the role of a submarine captain, navigating their vessel from the ocean depths towards the surface. During each daring attempt, the submarine reaches varying heights, presenting an exciting challenge for gamblers.

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The player’s task is to skillfully predict the precise point at which the ship will resurface once more. With keen judgment and intuition, they must anticipate the submarine’s ascent and make strategic decisions to succeed in this exhilarating underwater adventure.

Minimum rate0.1
Maximum winnings140
Mobile versioniOS, Android

Diver crash game: basic rules

In the thrilling Diver crash game, players at Chillbet Casino can enjoy seamless gameplay without the need to manually initiate game rounds. The rounds flow consecutively, punctuated by a brief 5-second pause between each round. During these intervals, visitors can calmly contemplate their strategies and place one or two bets.

As the game unfolds, a submarine embarks on its ascent to the ocean’s surface. The success of this journey is not guaranteed, as the submarine might not make it to the end. To thrive in this game, players must accurately predict the precise moment when the ship will vanish from the locator screens. Acting swiftly and astutely, they must close their active bets before that crucial moment to secure their winnings.

diver game

If a client at Chill Bet Casino times their bet correctly, they stand to benefit from a favorable calculation. The amount wagered will be multiplied by the value displayed on the screen. As soon as the round commences and the boat sets off on its journey, the multiplier steadily increases on the main display. However, if the bet is left open until the round concludes, it will be considered a loss.

During each round, players have the option to place one or two bets. The good news is that Chillbet clients need not manually close their bets. The game incorporates an innovative autocashout technology, allowing gamblers to preset a specific value at which their bet will be automatically calculated. This feature adds convenience and control to the gameplay, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How to place single and double bets

To register a bet, the user needs to look at the betting control box. This form at Chillbet is located below. The visitor will see several elements:

To place a bet, simply click on the «Bet» button. Once the ongoing round concludes and a brief pause ensues, the next round will commence, activating the bet. From there, it’s essential to closely monitor the submarine’s movements and timely decide whether to close or open bets based on its behavior. Success lies in making swift and accurate decisions during this dynamic gameplay.

By the way, the user can follow the actions of other casino customers. The statistics menu displays the closed betas of the current round.

Three main blocks in the interface  

At Chillbet, the captivating crash game is presented as a virtual radar, displaying the intriguing movement of a submarine. The screen showcases both the vessel’s progress and, at the top, the outcomes of previous rounds, serving as vital clues for online casino customers.

These statistics are like precious treasures for players, providing invaluable insights into the appearance of specific favorable odds that follow a predictable pattern. For example, position 2.0 reliably surfaces on the screen every 4 minutes. Exploiting this advantageous interval is quite attainable, presenting the opportunity to achieve success in each endeavor. Empowered by this valuable knowledge, players can strategize and optimize their chances of triumph in the game.

The second block tells about the bets and is located just below. The visitor can register one or two bets in each round. Changing the size of the bet is allowed without restrictions. By the way, it is not necessary to participate in every swim. Some rounds can be skipped.

diver interface

The third block tells already about more detailed statistics. The visitor on the official casino site can see the results of the current and past round, study the history of their bets or see the best results for the whole time. Statistics helps to determine the appearance of high multipliers up to x100. On average, such large multipliers fall out on the locator every 60-70 minutes.

Three strategies for underwater traveling

Winning at Diver can be achieved through tactics. Earning schemes are based on different principles. This can be a regular control of the bankroll or analysis of statistics, when the visitor guesses almost the exact time of the falling out of the winning multiplier.

Martingale strategy and its pros

Crash games are most often played using the Martingale tactics. This strategy is implemented in full. Due to the fact that the provider of the game allows you to increase the bet in x2 in each round, the user can guarantee to reach the money winnings.

In the Martingale strategy, the user does not have to wait for the ship to sail to a multiplier of 100.0 or higher. All the player needs is a multiplier of 2.0. If even one bet is closed at this position, the visitor will have already made money.

The strategy is based on evenly doubling the losing bets. For example, in the first round, the user lost 100 credits. In the next round, to stay in the plus, the player needs to play already 200 coins. Sooner or later, the submarine will stop at 2.0, recoup past losses and help to earn the initial 100 credits.

You can test the Martingale tactics in the unlimited demo. The casino operator does not limit this mode by time. The advantage of the Martingale strategy becomes that the player does not need to constantly monitor statistics. A series of losses will not last too long, and therefore you will not have to wait for a win for several hours.

Double betting scheme

Many beginners resort to the double bet system as a means to maximize profits, as it may seem like the only option in certain slots. However, this approach might not be the most effective one. Instead, double bets can be utilized as a form of insurance to safeguard one’s bankroll from depletion.

To capitalize on the advantages of this strategy, both bets should be registered for the same amount. Additionally, the first block’s bet should be closed at 2.0. Achieving this outcome implies that the costs of the current level have been entirely covered, granting the user the freedom to transition to a well-informed risk with the second bet. By employing this technique wisely, players can enhance their chances of preserving their funds and making more strategic decisions during gameplay.

The second bet must also be closed by 2.0 using the auto-withdrawal function. The user will receive a minimum guaranteed profit. However, if the statistics show that in the last three rounds, the submarine has crashed immediately after the start, it means that there is a probability of raising up to x50 in the current heat. The visitor can take a justified risk. Even in case of failure, the player will no longer be at a disadvantage.

Strategy on the analysis of statistics

Check the efficiency of this tactic can be tested on small odds. For example, the position x1.1 falls out in each round. The user can simply close bets by auto-cashout at these odds and gradually form a winning amount.

To earn more, you need to look at the top of the main radar. Here the user will see the designations of the odds that have fallen out over the last 10-15 rounds. The player will see that after each successful swim, the submarine does not go high for the next 3-4 rounds. This is why it is not necessary to play Diver for money in every round. The user needs to observe the behaviour of the vessel and enter the game at the right moment.

Bonuses for Diver from Chillbet

The lack of bonuses within the game itself is compensated by the casino operator. The administration of Chillbet offers a welcome bonus, cashback, as well as regular promotions, for which you do not need to spend money to participate. Bonuses help to increase the time of the gaming session and build up a sufficient bankroll to reach a multiplier of 100.0.

diver chillbet bonus

You can get an advantage in the game through the following promotions:

Bonus credits are allowed to be used in gambling after there is no money left on the main account. The gaming session will not end but will continue already in virtual mode. To cash out the money won, you need to wager the bonus according to the specified wager.

Crash games are in trend today. The operator of Chillbet Casino perfectly understands this. That is why the number of bonus offers for Diver is increasing every month. This greatly simplifies the way to the jackpot, which can amount to more than 1000% of the balance.


What do I need to do in the Diver game?
The player needs to guess to what height the virtual submarine will swim to. The gambler needs to close his bet before the end of the round.
What are the maximum winnings?
The player's payout is not limited. In the crash game, there is no limit on the top odds, and therefore in one round, it is possible to rip off a payout of several thousand bets.
How to start playing for money?
To start making real bets, a player needs to register on the Chillbet website and deposit funds into the account. You can also use bonuses in the game.
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Vitor Jardim


The popular crash game Diver from Chillbet Casino. Visit the page and find out what rules you need to follow to win.